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DC analog acquisition device

Product band: Fcreate

FC-ZLCJMA: one way 4-20mA analog acquisition

An extending device uses in outdoor lighting system. The device can link to sensors or other equipments which output is 4-20mA as needed.
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Dimension: 115mm×89.9mm×40mm Reference value of power supply and allowable deviation: 1. Frequency: 50Hz, allowable deviation -5%~+5%; 2. Voltage: 220V, allowable deviation -20%~+20%
Consumption: ≤0.45W Measuring accuracy: ±1% Shell level of protection: IP44
Environmental temperature: -20℃~+70℃
Relative humidity: ≤95%
RS-485 communication parameter: 1. Baud rate: more than 2400bps; 2. Data bits: 8; 3. Verification mode: even parity check.

Input signal: 4×4-20mA 4×0-10V


4×4-20mA  4×0-10V

Apply to street lamp lighting management solution, nightscape lighting management solution, tunnel lighting management solution, outdoor lighting integrated management solution, etc.