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The automation solution of low-voltage distribution
Status quo

  All kinds of buildings and public systems of modernize city are relying on safe and reliable electric energy supply. Electric power supply involves many infrastructures, such as lighting, lift, air condition, monitoring, fire fighting, and access control. And infrastructures’ normal use is the necessary guarantee of daily life and social stability. So that even transient blackouts or electrical accident may cause serious consequence and undesirable social influence. Power distribution management problem, including electricity safety, electricity failure response, inspection efficiency, must be solved as soon as possible.
  We can find safety hazard and electricity failure on the power supply lines in time via grasping the electricity information comprehensively, improving inspection efficiency and reliability. Nip in the bud is the important solution to avoid power failure.


  The low-voltage distribution automation solution of Fcreate is a set of intelligent power distribution system, which has powerful professional, high automation degree, easy use, and high performance. It provides distribution integrated automation monitoring for all high-low pressure equipments of switching station and power distribution station. And can achieve the core intents of real-time collecting electricity data, excluding comprehensively electricity failure and improving electricity management level.
  This scheme sets up monitoring project via configuration tools, monitors field operation status in real time, deploys load via remote control and telemetering, realizes optimizing operation and save electricity energy effectively based on electricity safety.

system architecture

System topology


Product Functions

1. Monitor the high tension distribution system
2. Monitor the low-voltage distribution system
3. Monitor the direct current system of switching room
4. Monitor the operation of transformer
5. The monitoring station of system operation
6. Monitor the on-off state
7. Measure the electrical parameters of the indoor load
8. Monitor the electric leakage of the indoor load
9. Monitor the electric leakage of the floor power distribution cabinet
10. Manage the data report
11. Manage the early fault alert
12. System fault can be segregated automatically
13. Remote on-off control
14. Query the historical data

System screenshots


Application scenarios