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Carrier/485 communication convertor

Product band: Fcreate

FC-485-ZB: switch channel between carrier and 485

Realize communication convert between power line carrier and RS485. Use single-phase power supply. Have wide operating voltage range, strong anti-interference capability and industrialized design. Meet the product performance requirements of State Grid Corporation of China.
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Dimension: 100mm×40mm×55.5mm Reference value of power supply and allowable deviation: 1. Frequency: 50Hz, allowable deviation -5%~+5%; 2. Voltage: 220V, allowable deviation -20%~+20%

Consumption: <0.2W

Shell level of protection: IP44
Environmental  temperature:-20℃~+70℃
Relative humidity: ≤95%
RS-485 communication parameter: 1. Baud rate: more than 2400bps; 2. Data bits: 8; 3. Stop bit: 1; 4. Verification mode: even parity check.

PLC parameter: Using network technology, public lighting circuit within a radius of 3km can be covered with PLC.


Communication capability: the uplink communication of the converter is carrier communication via low voltage power line, and downlink communication is bus communication via RS485.

Infrared communication: there is a group of transmit-receive tube of infrared communication in the converter. It can realize channel switching between infrared communication and carrier & RS485 communication.

Apply to street lamp lighting management solution, nightscape lighting management solution, tunnel lighting management solution, outdoor lighting integrated management solution, etc.