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Octuple extending device

Product brand: Fcreate

FC-EXP-I: extend the number of loop

Cooperating with lighting control terminal to expend the number of loop of street lamp and nightscape distribution, and to acquire the switching value of the loop fuse. The device also can cooperate with our wireless data transmission device to control the power supply circuit of street lamp and nightscape distribution, and to acquire the switch signal of loop fuse.
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Dimension: 151mm×115mm×54.5mm

Reference value of power supply 1. Frequency: 50Hz, allowable deviation -5%~+5%;

Allowable deviation: 2. Voltage: 220V, allowable deviation -20%~+20%

Consumption: ≤5W

Shell level of protection: IP44

Environmental temperature: -20℃~+70℃

Relative humidity: ≤95%

Timing error per day: ≤±0.5s/d (temperature is 23℃)

RS-485 communication parameter: 1. Baud rate: more than 2400bps; 2. Data bits: 8; 3. Stop bit: 1; 4. Verification mode: even parity check.

Relay switch parameter: 1. Maximum switching current: 10A; 2.maximum switching voltage: 250V AC

The number of physical connection: ≦16 Rated voltage of switching value: 220V 

Address setting: 4-digit dial address setting

RS485 communication: there are 2 ways RS485 communication can communicate with external device. And the device can concatenate 16 8-way extending devices through RS485 bus.

Switching value acquisition: 8-way switching value acquisition with AC 220V.

Timing: when the 8-way extending device connect with our lighting control terminal, our lighting terminal can give the right time to it directly, or system master station give the right time to it via lighting terminal.

Manual/automatic control: manual control – the device can accept the control command from connected lighting control terminal or system master station to output switching signal. Automatic control – the device can output switching signal automatically at regular time according to the control strategy from lighting control terminal or system master station.

Apply to street lamp lighting management solution, tunnel lighting management solution, nightscape lighting management solution, outdoor lighting integrated management solution, etc.