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Intelligent village comprehensive management solution
Construction background

  With the rapid development of economic and the progress of science , the residential area meet the need of place and space.Living security, information interaction, humanities and science and technology communion symbiotic intelligent village era has arrived.Intelligent community for residents to provide a safe and comfortable, convenient, shortcut and open information living space, and relying on advanced science and technology, promote the interaction between the community and effective operation of property management, and fast. 

   《Intelligent village construction industry in China from 2013 to 2017 deep strategic planning research and investment analysis 》 reports that , in recent years, intelligent community construction in China have a rapid development, real estate developers across the development of intelligent residential district project widely favored by buyers.At present, the domestic has emerged in succession some high technology content, realizes the intelligent village on real, there is no lack of among them with international level.

    All in all, the current domestic intelligent community construction level have made great progress.Intelligent village distinct advantages in terms of low carbon, energy saving, at the same time bring to people's life more comfortable experience.Chinese New Year: the gross area is approximately 2 billion square meters, together with the government for intelligent community construction standardization, the scientific guidance, intelligent community development prospects look good.

The solution overview

  The intelligent community solutions of the Fcreat, follow the national standard definition of intelligent residential area, product main features include: electricity information collection, the district distribution automation, electric power fiber to the home, intelligent electricity service interactive platform, PV power generation system parallel operation, electric vehicle charging management, intelligent household service, unified display platform, self-service payment terminals, water, gas meter set copy, etc.And integrate multiple products, to create their own comprehensive management, such as street light illumination integrated management, low voltage power distribution products such as integrated management, municipal comprehensive management, streaming media video monitoring, 3 d virtual reality technology, formed a unique product solutions and advantages.       

  The Fcreate make a platform for the intelligent residential area, adhering to the scalable and distributed management of the overall train of thought to change ideas to create products and services and emphasize on platform architecture can expand sex. Organic combination of each function module and system main body frame.In order to ensure the project investment benefit maximization, according to the properties of open architecture and multipoint access platform, according to the future promotion plan can be smooth access to the new village, also can through to the old village of intelligent. 

Product features

1.Electric power fiber to the home
  The Fcreate make an intelligent community management platform based on optical network technology EPON ONU, OLT, optical divider devices such as traditional optical fiber network mode to build intelligent village, optical fiber communication network to achieve power fiber to the home.       

2. Electricity information acquisition        
  The Fcreate intelligent community management platform through the optical fiber to the home "after the construction of optical fiber to the table to collect data uploaded to the host directly through the optical fiber channel.

3.Smart electricity two-way interactive services
  The Fcreate make an intelligent community management platform which can realize the user data and customized business push;Provide customers including electricity information query, online business acceptance, capture expends query, fault repair service, maintenance services and other kinds of electric power business services.

4.Intelligent household, household energy efficiency analysis
  Intelligent household in intelligent residential area construction can be integrated into the cause and independent research and development of "intelligent gateway","intelligent socket", "" smart panel.Smart home system not only has the traditional electrical appliances intelligent control function, also can realize home energy analysis capabilities.

5.Low voltage power distribution automation
  According to the low voltage power distribution ark in intelligent residential area and the actual situation of the power box, integrated to create the "low voltage power distribution automation management platform" products through PLC signal acquisition area low-voltage distribution system, realize integrated management of low-voltage distribution system.

6.The electric car charging infrastructure
  The Fcreate make an intelligent village solutions by docking with the electric car charger/change electric service system to provide users with a full range of electric vehicles charge/in electrical services, including charging booking, condition monitoring, gauging, two-way charging pile navigation, information query, etc.        

7.Distributed power and energy storage, photovoltaic integrated test
  The Fcreate intelligent village solutions to provide clients with service building distributed solar photovoltaic power generation system to plot underground garage lighting, lawn lamp, landscape lamp public facilities such as power supply.Also can be combined to create the "photovoltaic integrated management platform" products, implement of distributed solar photovoltaic power generation system management, data analysis and condition monitoring.

8.Value-added service system
  The Fcreate intelligent community solutions is on the basis of intelligent electricity two-way interactive service, community, business services to

provide users with information push for third-party partners to provide a standard API interface, improve system can expand sex.

9.Integrated application platform
  The Fcreate intelligent community solutions, to provide users of intelligent village as a pilot in the district construction of the integrated application of display platform services.

System screenshots