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The municipal tunnel drainage management solution
Status quo

  Along with the development of urbanization, the pressure of surface structures and traffic increases. So that urban architecture and traffic is developing gradually underground, there are more and more underground stores, underground tunnels and underground passage.
At present, because of the influence of the global climate, more and more extreme weather around, so that many cities have urban waterlogging problem on different levels recently. In the case of average rainfall, pumping appliance can water out the waterlogging in the underground passage in time. But it is difficult to water out the waterlogging in a short time, when continuous torrential rain comes. It will bring some inconveniences to drainage pump room management, and also threatens people’s lives and property.

Status quo

1. Without forewarning management
  We must use manual inspection and measurement to understand ponding situation of tunnel and pump room. There is no caution front the tunnel, and we can’t know the water situation until drive to the tunnel, so that many dangers were happened.
2. Previous system is information isolated island
  Previous video monitoring system is information isolated island, can’t be reliable analysis and decision basis. And can’t find and solve problem at first time.
3. Lock of monitoring equipment
  Gas monitoring equipments are less. And the harmful gas in the sewage may endanger workers’ lives, such as hydrogen sulfide, methane.
4. Ordinary manual inspection, 24-hour attendant
  Administration department is short of unified scheduling ability, and each pump station is scattered. Must use 24-hour attendant and patrol inspection, it wastes time and energy, and has low work efficiency.
5. Paper data, high labor intensity  
  Use traditional pattern of looking up drawing files to manage, maintain and use drains’ network. It produces high labor intensity to maintain, clear and manage the sunken pipe by experience, estimation and traditional methods.

      Therefore, the construction of a set to be able to implement a solution for remote monitoring, intelligent early warning and flexible regulation of city drainage system of intelligent municipal drainage pumping station management, has recently become a hotspot of current municipal drainage management aspect.


  The municipal drainage pump room management solution of Fcreate integrates computer technology, software technology, GPRS communication technology, optical fiber communication, video communication and observation and control technology. And realize the remote monitoring, intelligent early warning and flexible regulation and control of urban drainage system.
  This scheme has achieved equipment management and alarm information management via getting real-time data, fault events, and monitoring tunnel status. Thus ensure pump room runs safely and stably, drainage scheduling is scientific and accurate, improve management quality and management efficiency.

Functions introductions

Remote monitoring

1.Remote monitoring the total voltage,total current,total power of  pump operation

2.Monitor for switch state control cabinet, to ensure the normal water level of pump room.

3.Monitored by the water level sensor for pump room of the collecting tank, judge whether water underground passage for timely drainage treatment.

4.Monitor the state of running, the running time of each pump to ensure the normal operation of the emergency, and to timely treatment.

5.Remote monitoring of working voltage, each pump working current, electric power and other electrical parameters.

6.Video viewing underground channel scale level, underground passage water and vehicle traffic; combined with data acquisition, strategy management

Intelligent early warning

Through a variety of alarm setting, when reached the warning value automatic alarm, start various kinds of alarm management plan.

1.The value of water level early warningWhen the water collecting tank to reach the warning level set manually, remote measuring and controlling terminal immediately alarm information is reported to the monitoring center and management personnel mobile phone or send out sound and light alarm.

2.Power failure warningWhen a fault occurs within the pump station power supply (such as over current, lack of phase) and the operation of the water pump failure, remote measuring and controlling terminal immediately alarm information is reported to the monitoring center and management personnel mobile phone or send out sound and light alarm.

3.Channel water warningWhen the underground passage with water, remote measuring and controlling terminal immediately connected underground passage entrance LED warning screen and traffic signal lamp, through the LED warning screen text and traffic signals at the same time to remind the passing vehicles and pedestrians and traffic Caution,Direction indicator, the monitoring center video display scale level underground passage, channel water depth and the traffic situation.

Flexible control

1.Auto-ControlSupport water pump control cabinet automatically open the water pump and a remote according to water level automatically open the water pump according to the water level signal acquisition.

2.Manual controlSupport the start stop button to open the water pump and support remote PC control pump start and stop the field water pump control cabinet.

3.Free controlMultiple pumps pump house according to the running time of the water pump, water pump rotation distance free control work, the realization of all pumps wear leveling (need to cut off the original float ball water level automatic control system).

4.Supplementary controlWhen you enable "manual control" mode of remote terminal, can pump room and the original floating ball water level automatic control system are combined, can be used as a supplement to the original control system (rainstorm weather ahead of manual remote opening multiple pumps work at the same time).

Water pump control mode

System architecture

System screenshots

Application scenarios