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Industrial / enterprise energy efficiency management solutions
Present situation

  2013 high energy consuming products in the first half of the domestic output and high energy consuming industries continue to maintain a rapid growth of energy consumption, energy consumption per unit of GDP reduced to form a larger pressure, atmospheric haze issues outstanding, energy-saving emission reduction situation is grim. The national development and Reform Commission analysis, to achieve annual unit GDP energy consumption fell more than 3.7%, sulfur dioxide, chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, nitrogen oxide emissions were down 2%, 2%, 2.5%, 3% of the target, the task is very formidable.

       The world energy demand continues to rise and natural resources exhausted day by day, have put forward the new challenge to the energy supplier, industrial enterprises and consumers, as far as possible the use of energy in an efficient and sustainable manner has become a pressing matter of the moment.

       In enterprise production and management process, the energy loss the most from lack of management and energy conversion rate is not high.

       Therefore, through advanced technology to enhance energy conservation, energy consumption of key part of enterprise production operation system for orderly and energy management of the energy flow, continuous expansion evaluation, as far as possible the use of energy for maximum efficiency, in order to gold for maximum excavating section.


       Fcreate energy management solutions including "industrial energy efficiency management products" and "enterprise energy management products" two big series, aimed at the adoption of energy efficiency product deployment, help enterprise managers can accurately according to the efficiency of data analysis, for the enterprise to save more energy costs, will save resources into benefit, service to customers, gain more business opportunities.

        Fcreate energy management solutionsVarious means through energy planning, energy monitoring, energy statistics, energy consumption analysis, key energy consuming equipment management, energy metering equipment management, provides the fine management of energy consumption, real-time monitoring and management and statistical analysis through the use of electric water, improve energy utilization and management efficiency.

       Industrial energy efficiency management products help production enterprises to expand production, rational planning and utilization of energy, reduce the unit product energy consumption, is a set of economic benefits for the purpose of improving the solution of energy information management solution.

       Enterprise energy management products can be combined with the industrial energy efficiency management product application range, energy management will expand to the daily behavior and the enterprise management level, through the collection, analysis and management of the enterprise with electrical behavior, the enterprise energy consumption plan task decomposition to various energy using departments and energy using units, so that the energy conservation work responsibilities clear, to promote the healthy and stable development of enterprises.

Functions overview

1: Overview for real-time monitoring, power distribution branch, production environment, office environment, acquisition of equipment
2: Equipment energy consumption analysis of energy consumption analysis, unit energy consumption analysis, comparative analysis, according to the needs analysis index
3: Early warning management: early warning, early warning information, early warning rules overview
4: Statements of management: electricity service charges, the electric unit with single electric table
5: With the energy acquisition management acquisition file collection management, task management, data acquisition
6: Equipment management system management, user management, enterprise information management parameter setting and maintaining, alarm set

System architecture

System screenshots