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Intelligent gateway OEM/ODM

Module:free combination with products , match your product

Solution:customized scenes,customized solutions

product appearance:choose our designs or what you like 

Fcreate devotes herself to design and R&D upstream scheme, and provide customers with industry solution, product design and R&D and full set of OEM/ODM service of modules and end products.
  • Specifications
  • Products
  • APP
  • Scope

 —— Specification ——

Basic parameters: 32 bit main CPU

               RJ45 network interface

Operating voltage: DC 5V

The quantity of networking products: can support 200 front-end equipments to networking

Communication modes: use low-power both-way wireless communication module of wireless/zigbee/433MHz

Customizable appearance: can implement mass customization of end product appearance

 —— Functions ——

The core of smart home, can achieve remote management of household equipments

Product strategy control, multiple strategies can be combined as wish

Use as household digital TV terminal

Have the function of wireless router

 —— Customized solution ——

Can match with 433, ZigBee, wireless transmission scheme.

Customize product appearance

 —— Module and end product ——

ODM modules and end products:

communication modules      finished gateway products


Smart Lighting APP can be personalized on the basis of user demand

  Apply to suite, villa, hotel, chain store, industry/enterprise office block, etc. (work with intelligent control product suite)

 —— Suite ——

Light control, curtain control, full intelligent household appliances control, remote management of access control and security

 —— Villa ——

Villa intellectualized system, intelligent villa scene mode, intelligent villa remote control, multiple intelligent security monitoring management

 —— Chain store ——

One-stop platform system, stores’ centralized management in area, each store differentiation self-control, store’s remote security monitoring

 —— Hotel ——

Intelligent operation of hotel’s guest room, hotel multifunction zone control, multiple scene models of restaurant and meeting room, intelligent lighting control of public area, linkage management of monitoring and security

 —— Industry/enterprise office block ——

Electricity protection of large-scale area, linkage management of intelligent door lock and security, electricity facilities management, large-scare electricity device energy-saving setting, office area scene self-control