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Company Profile
       Xiamen Fcreate Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech (double-soft)enterprise concentrates on the research about information technology and automation control technology in the field of electrical energy. At present, Fcreate holds 4 invention patents, 10 utility model patents and many products appearance patents and copyrights.

  Fcreate is the only enterprise in China who holds advanced, independent and complete product solutions for the intelligent lighting of outdoors, the indoor intelligent lighting , smart home and smart power utilization. Fcreate provides customers with complete and independent software/hardware products, solution design, OEM/ODM service and personalized research and development service.

  Our core technology including:

  ◆The Internet of things: sensor acquisition、wireless communication(Bluetooth, WIFI, Zigbee, RF etc.) 、 carrier communication、acquisition and transmission. 
  ◆The Big Data : Big data storage、analysis technique;data graphic and 3d renditions.
  ◆Mobile Internet : mobile phone APP、html5、cloud computing.
  ◆Front-end processor、SCADA technique、WEB service.

  The above core technology have been applied to the actual products, and have been key applications in many major projects, that achieved good social effect.

  Our products with good quality and excellent technical ability have obtained many customers’ agree, stand out from similar products. At present, Fcreate has established long-term strategic cooperation with many Large enterprises in the lighting field and listed companies. 

  Fcreate Energy look forward to your sincere cooperation, and co-create the intelligent life which is low-carbon and harmonious.

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