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The intelligent lighting management solution of nightscape
Present situation

       With the acceleration of urbanization process,most cities shapes the image of the modern cities and enhances people's happiness by building nightscape lighting. Buildings, bridges, parks, lake views are key construction areas of nightscape lighting

  At present, there are bull management problems in most cities’ nightscape lighting, and they use traditional time switch mostly, in this way, all nightscape projects’ lamp switch time was fixed after acceptance, it only could be adjusted manually. If there are festivals or major time, relevant departments can’t control nightscape lamps remotely and detect operation fault quickly and flexibly, lead to that they couldn’t manage nightscape lighting meticulously.

Current problem

        1. multiple management, can't unify

        2. Do not have the ability of remote control and remote monitor

        3. High input cost

        4. Using human inspection and regulation, so that can’t maintain in time.

        5. Did not realize energy consumption management

  How to incorporate new technology and new management methods into nightscape management, achieve that all nightscape lamps’ construction and management can be unified coordinated, unified dispatched, unified commanded and managed of partitions, make city nightscape’s display and management radiate new life and vigor, has been a hot problem of nightscape management now.


      Aimed at several major problems of nightscape lighting management, Fcreate create the following solution of eight functional properties

Solution introduction

       The intelligent lighting management solution of nightscape is systematic scheme of the information management of the night lighting, night lighting management system and carrier / equipment to expand, toswitch control strategy for all night lights within the region, partitioning, grouping management, remote monitoring. The management department can use management night lighting system, unified coordination unification, unified command scheduling.

System topology


Auxiliary products

       Lighting control terminal, Octuple extending device,3-phase metering equipment,The intelligent lighting management solution of nightscape,app

  1. 1.Real-time data monitoring of nightscape equipment: voltage, current, power factor, active, reactive, etc.

  2. 2.Remote strategy control: time, longitude and latitude, weather, festival and holiday, user-defined

  3. 3.Operating data analysis: voltage and current analysis of branch, device and circuit

  4. 4.Abnormity smarter statistics: lamps malfunction, terminal malfunction, cable malfunction, outage, open circuit, short circuit

  5. 5.Anti-theft alarm: abnormal state of open box, cable and device

  6. 6.Street lamp mobile inspection: support telephone and tablet computer which is used iOS or android system.

  7. 7.Street lamp assets management: supplier/maintainer/contractor information, equipment use state

  8. 8.Data visualization: 2D report, 3D map

  9. 9.Terminal operation state monitoring: on line, off line, malfunction

Application scenarios