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The integrated management solution of municipal administration
Status quo

  With the development of Chinese economy and the accelerating pace of urbanization and urban area is expanding fast.City of municipal infrastructure investment, city municipal got unprecedented development.At the same time, the city management is far from to meet the needs of the development of modern cities.Especially in the field of our country urban public utilities, infrastructure, a huge number, type, multifarious, subordinate departments, many of the city public infrastructure assurance supply industry has a relatively independent and perfect management system, decentralized, face data incomplete brought about by the problem of coordination management difficult and low efficiency.

  The current municipal facilities management system mainly based on facilities information input, query, at the scene of the information display and facilities in accordance with degree and accuracy of the information, state visualization, facilities as well as control automation, etc is still far from municipal management unit of the desired level.Special can use facilities such as urban lighting system, how to through effective means of information management, reduce energy consumption, improve equipment operation stability remains to be discussed.

The existing problems

1. Urban management institutions, the phenomenon of overlapping functions and conflicting policies from different departments, more spawned something nobody tube, more than the tube, etc.

2. The lack of effective means of information management and utilization, a large number of drawings and the books information in print way, access to and use of difficulties, especially in emergencies, it is difficult to quickly find the required information in the vast database.

3.The lack of effective means of information collection and feedback, it is difficult to find the problems existing in the municipal infrastructure in a timely manner.

4.Lacking of effective supervision mode, it is difficult to implement effective supervision of municipal facilities management, hard to ensure that found that the problem timely processing, and processing in place.

5.Lacking of the effective means of interaction is difficult to provide convenient service for the general public.

6.Lack of contingency measures, in the face of unexpected events can’t quickly form emergency disposal plan, can't offer the decision basis for the leaders and experts.

Current problems

1.Outdoor lighting, street lamps, cables stolen, night lighting is missing, causing traffic accidents, disrupt the city security.Problems in the fragmented night scene management, processing is not timely, modern city image construction is slow.

2.Landscaping, greening are destroyed, flower pot is missing, the city beautification, damage the image of the city.

3.Manhole covers lost, damaged Management: the problem is serious, cause road travel and personal safety, cause social frequent concern.

4.Underground pipeline, pipe type is various, complicated and difficult to manage, lead to damaged state and enterprise property safety, public safety is threatened.

5.Fire control facilities, fire control facilities damaged, lead to safety accident happened not rescue in time.Will of the people's personal and property security caused great threat. 

  Therefore, the comprehensive use of new technology to solve the municipal facilities management, control, facilities as well as energy consumption of the three main problems, has become an important topic of the current municipal facilities management field, is the municipal engineering construction and management of an important content.


  In order to adapt to the urban development and management, and to solve municipal management problem and difficulty during the process of urbanization, some city carried out digitalization construction, “smart municipal administration” was rising accordingly.
  “Smart municipal administration” realizes precision management, dynamic monitoring and efficient maintain of urban infrastructure via integrating infrastructure information resource of “digital municipal administration” and “municipal administration informatization”. And informationizes and real-time interacts with municipal administration business system to promote municipal service management ability and external service ability.

The necessities of intelligent municipal construction
  1. 1.Improve informational level of municipal administrative department

  2. 2.Help to implement administrative power of government department, speed up municipal building

  3. 3.Build the foundation of urban emergency response, improve the urban strain capacity.

  4. 4.Provide the basis for municipal growth prediction and comprehensive planning

  5. 5.Improve municipal social service level, increase citizen’s satisfaction and happiness

  6. 6.Improve the ability of governmental macroeconomic regulation and control, promote the index of energy saving and emission reduction


  Aiming at the existing problems of municipal five management direction and problems, and puts forward to the following four basic characteristics of municipal comprehensive management solution:

1.Ubiquitous: based on cloud computing, Internet, mobile Internet, big data, such as basic information architecture, uninterrupted by information terminals and information service, information demanders can on-demand access at any time, to enhance environmental friendliness, improve the efficiency of the municipal administration and scientific.

2.The allocation of resources: through information technology and other resources to optimize configuration and work together, to reduce the resource consumption and waste of municipal administration, promote energy-saving emission reduction targets.

3.Information fusion: wisdom city is the essence of fusion, based on the information fusion of a blend of collaboration between urban operation system, so as to achieve effective service and management.

4.People-oriented, people-oriented is the essence of municipal construction wisdom, wisdom urban core is constructed for citizens in the city service, equality of opportunity.


  The municipal integrated management solution of Fcreate is aimed at providing intelligent management tool for municipal system. Via digital transformation and intellectualized system deployment of municipal facilities to realize remote control, mobile monitoring, district management, assets management, user management, GIS map real-time display, failure warning management, operation and maintenance management, report analysis, etc.
  This scheme can help municipal administrator forecast various events that can occur during municipal management more accurately, and scheduling municipal resource more timely. So that can take the measure of guidance, precaution and timely treatment to ensure municipal system run effectively.

Management platform

  The FCREATE management solution is a hardware and software of integrated management platform, contains the GIS integrated management subsystem of urban facilities, mobile inspection subsystem, monitoring management center, four parts of hardware terminal.

  To the municipal comprehensive management platform as an integrated management platform compared with similar systems, under the original monitoring function, strengthened the lighting, energy saving and facilities information network management, to provide users with more value and help users realize the jurisdiction of municipal facilities.

8functions futures

       The integrated management solution of municipal administration has the following eight functional characteristics :

Management objects

System architecture

System screenshot