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Intelligent switch panel OEM/ODM

Module:free combination with products , match your product

Solution:customized scenes,customized solutions

product appearance:choose our designs or what you like 

Fcreate devotes herself to design and R&D upstream scheme, and provide customers with industry solution, product design and R&D and full set of OEM/ODM service of modules and end products.
  • Specifications
  • Products
  • APP
  • Scope

—— Specification ——

  • Product appearance: general specification of 86 type box, easy to install

    Operation voltage: AC 180~260V

    Stand-by power consumption: 20mW

    Load power: min load power 5W

               200W inductive load (energy-saving lamp)

               300W resistive load (ordinary lamp & LED)

    Communication modes: use low-power both-way wireless communication module of wireless/zigbee/433MHz

    Connection modes: single firing line, zero firing line

    The quantity of switch load circuit: 1-way/2-way/3-way

    Appearance: touch key-press, mechanical key-press

 —— Customized solution ——

  • 1.433, ZigBee, wireless transmission scheme is optional touch button or mechanical key
    3.dual-mode terminal 1,2,3 way switch

—— Module and end product ——





Smart Lighting APP can be personalized on the basis of user demand



—— Functions ——

  • 1.Open or close single light

  • 2.433MHz frequency, two-way feedback

  • 3.Realize timing on-off control via gateway

  • 4.Work with gateway to achieve scene mode and light control

—— Application scope ——

  Apply to suite, villa, hotel, chain store, industry/enterprise office block, etc. (work with intelligent control product suite)