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The intelligent lighting management solution of tunnel

  Based on the special situation of tunnel, system collects brightness value, traffic flow and other information in tunnel. Adjust brightness value inside the tunnel by adjusting output power of LED lamp. Use subsection lighting control to grouping control paragraphs lamps inside the tunnel. We can achieve maximum energy-saving on the premise of traffic safety.

System topography


Auxiliary products

      Tunnel intelligent lighting management system, lighting control terminal, 8-ways extending equipment, 3-phase measuring device, lighting control terminal-single lamp controller, wireless data transmission device

Introduction of platform

Tunnel lighting is the important part to safeguard safe driving and operation of highway tunnel. Tunnel lighting management system plays an important role in lighting effects and power consumption of whole tunnel. In the application, the lighting inside the tunnel can adjust automatically according to the change of weather, traffic flow and speed. Via this system can make response to the policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, reduce energy consumption of tunnel lighting and improve management performance on the premise of safety.


1. Tunnel traffic flow detection: adjust illuminating brightness automatically, reduce lighting energy consumption
2. Tunnel subsection intensity control: exit section, entrance section, transition section in the tunnel, inside the tunnel
3. Monitoring and alarming: lamps, current, voltage, power, etc.
4. Report: daily report, monthly report, annual report, comparative analyze automatically
5. Operating data analysis: voltage and current analysis of branch, device and circuit
6. Abnormity smarter statistics: lamps malfunction, terminal malfunction, cable malfunction, outage, open circuit, short circuit
7. Anti-theft alarm: abnormal state of open box, cable and device
8. Street lamp mobile inspection: support telephone and tablet computer which is used iOS or android system.
9. Street lamp assets management: supplier/maintainer/contractor information, equipment use state
10. Data visualization: 2D report, 3D map
11. Terminal operation state monitoring: on line, off line, malfunctionApplication scenarios

Application scenarios