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The intelligent lighting EMC management solution of outdoor
Solution Introduction

  There are 2 integrated solutions about outdoor intelligent lighting EMC management of Fcreate. One is street lamp lighting EMC integrated management solution, and other one is nightscape lighting EMC integrated management solution. Provide companies, which engage in outdoor lighting and energy management, with customized outdoor integrated lighting EMC business management and operation solutions, the solutions contain project consultation, project design, control equipment supply, and business management platform. The outdoor lighting EMC management solution of Fcreate aims at help users achieve energy-saving target, improve energy-saving benefit, raise the standard of management, and reduce the cost of operation and maintenance.


We offer

【Energy conservation consultation】
1. Energy-saving products consultation
2. Energy-saving designing scheme consultation
3. Energy-saving standard and regulation
4. Business model

【EMC operation management project design】
1. On-the-spot investigation, demand analysis
2. Energy-saving modification scheme design
3. Feasibility report technical scheme documenting
4. EMC operation management business design

【Energy-saving products supply】
1. Intelligent control terminal-sing lamp controller
2. Intelligent control terminal
3. Anti-theft (anti-theft front-end, GSM anti-theft terminal, sound-light alarm node)
4. All kinds of extending modules
5. Outdoor lighting management system

【EMC business operation and maintenance management platform】
1. Linkage with outdoor lighting management system
2. Delicacy management of carbon emission standard
3. Electricity consumption and electrovalence management
4. Retune cycle and energy-saving benefit management
5. Operation and maintenance and supervision of products

Energy saving products

1.Lighting control terminal-single lamp controller

2.Lighting control terminal

3.anti-theft equipmentsAnti-theft front-endGSM anti-theft terminalSound-light alarm node

4.Various expansion modules

5.Outdoor lighting management system

EMC business operation management platform

1.The linkage with outdoor lighting management system

2.Fine management of carbon emission 

3.The use of electricity and electricity price management

4.The return period and energy saving revenue management

5.Equipment operation and supervision

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