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Solar street lamp management solution

  In the context of energy shortages around the world and advocating sustainable “green lighting”, the intelligent solar street lamp control system came into being. Make solar panels power as energy source to realize zero loss of street lighting. Use light control and infrared control energy-saving system to realize that the light is open when people arrive and the light is closed when people leave. And there is 220V back-up source to ensure the circuit work fine in the continuous wet weather days.

System topography

Auxiliary products

  Solar street lamp management solution contains the solar street lamp management system, lighting control terminal, anti-theft equipments (anti-theft front-end, GPRS sound-light alarm terminal, sound-light alarm equipment)


  1. Solar panels parameters monitoring
  2. Position status surveillance
  3. On-line state surveillance
  4. Operation parameters display
  5. Data recording and analysis
  6. Synchronize equipment monitoring
  7. Multiple services integration of monitoring, video recording, alarm
  8. Environmental parameters monitoring