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433/868/915MHz module

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  433/868/915MHz module has the characteristic of bidirectional communication, MESH Ad-Hoc network, long communication distance. It is applied to smart home products, and achieves long communication distance and broad coverage area.

—— Specification ——

  • Operating frequency band: 433MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz

    Operating voltage: 1.8V-3.6V

    Operating current: 20mA-100mA

    Standby current: 9uA

    Sending power: 20dBm (can be set)

    Receive sensitivity: -126dBm

    Transmission rate: 9.6k-1Mbps

    Communication distance: 100~1000m (without obstacles)

    PWM output frequency: 1Hz-60kHz

    PWM output amplitude: 3.3V

    PWM output loop number: 4

    Operating temperature: --25℃~+85℃

—— Customized solution ——

  • transmission power could be chosen
  • working band could be chosen 

—— Products ——

—— App ——

Smart Lighting APP can be personalized on the basis of user demand

Smart Home APP can be personalized on the basis of user demand

1.Bulb lamp, ceiling lamp, and other lamps

2.Intelligent gateway, intelligent switch panel, intelligent socket and other smart home products