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Communication acquisition service technology

  “gctplus” , a set of communication acquisition frame, which is accumulated in our enterprise R&D process. “gctplus” has the characteristic of light weight, efficient and cross-platform. And it can make communication processing, service logic processing and protocol processing be abstracted. A rapid secondary development can be applied base on protocol and service.

  In “gctplus”, on the basis of business requirements and communication acquisition features, frame can divide into data engine, communication engine, serve engine and device library. Data engine is responsible for data processing, reading and storing. Communication engine is responsible for basic communication processing and dispatch. Service engine can base on different business to response to service request and service logic processing. Device library is used as protocol library.

  Our company developed several communication acquisition applications that base on this frame. Such as SCADA communication middleware software, low-voltage distribution management system, front-end processor of municipal lighting control system, stream transmission server, and so on.